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April 22, 2005

hey all,

i'm in bangkok for the weekend shooting for the thai drama,
i say 2 more months to go..
had a great week off during the thai new years
thks for all the e-mails - nijji just gather some questions that
I've answered for you. I know Nij has alot of goodies in store
for you so divert your attention to the other side of the page
and read up on what she has to say..
sorry so short this time..

Take care


March 29,2005

Hi All,
Nijji's bugging me for a long overdue journal, so I'm getting to it right
now or I won't at all.

I'm in KL, Malaysia I have a couple of hrs to spare before I open up Simple
Plan's concert here.
I hope everyone's doing fine!!!

Jan.-Feb I was caught up with the
roadshow's leading up to
the Mtv Asia Aid event, Nij should be putting some photo's up soon. Did
anyone go??

CHASE is finally out in Singapore so I hope my fans there like the series..
I had fun doing it because
I really liked the character I played 'Gabriel' ,,anyone catch it yet?

I'm back to working on a new serial in Thailand for my fans there it should
be completed in a
couple of months,,in between still gracing MTV.

Nij's been busy herself she should be keeping you guyz in the loop bout what
she's doing?
Nij also wants me to give a little something to you guyz..
so make suggestions.. and I'll go find it in my closet or something..
Thanks for all your support..

Jan. 08 05

he year started sombre and my warmest goes out to
the people in this time of need. I was in Bangkok when
the tsunami hit so it was very close to home I’m very
proud to see how most people banded together and did
the best they could so quickly. The best usually comes out
of us in bad times so it’s best just to do good before bad
happens. Appreciate life, loved ones and yourself.


Dec 20,2004

Hope everyone has a KICK ASS end to beginning
New Year festive rest and celebration!
It's another year that went by fast and I'm
looking forward to taking it slow till the end
and speeding it up when it comes new year 05'.
Thx to all who stop by.. a Big Up to Nij for keeping this
place alive and to my peeps who keep me goin
in work.

Nov. 28, 2004

wussup everyone, happy thxgiving/belated hari raya.. more
holidays are around the corner and I'm looking very forward to it!
working hard into the last stretch of "Chase" that's the name
of my new light drama series coming out next year.
Nij should be putting up eXclusive pix here at the site soon for
your inside viewing pleasure.

I've been mentioning this quite alot on MTV and I'll make a note
of it here it's world Aids day in the coming week, get informed
at staying-alive.org. It does'nt matter if it's today tommorrow too
many crazy shit and life's too short.

peace yeah.

Archived Journals..

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