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Contributed by: Pui Yee Kong

GREG Uttsada Panichkul who? Having stopped watching MTV a few years back, I wasn’t impressed on being told I was to interview VJ Utt, as Panichkul is known. Younger, hipper colleagues soon put me right, gasping and hyperventilating over the fact that I would be meeting him.

I wasn’t impressed to begin with when he was more than half an hour late for the interview. But when he finally made his appearance, apologising profusely ? well, they say a pretty face is forgiven anything. Up close, it was clear why he’s the stuff of many a girl’s (and guy’s) dreams. Green eyes, strawberry blonde tinted hair and sculpted features – the 30-year-old is so cute he’s unreal. Really. Photos simply do not do him justice. He’s also 100% Thai, according to MTV Asia’s website, and speaks flawless American English as well as Thai. The odd combination of parentage and language came about because Utt was born and raised in San Fernando, California, where his parents worked. At 17, Utt was sent to Bangkok to purge him of his wild Western ways and instil him with Thai culture. Frantic to buy the return ticket his parents wouldn’t get him, Utt leveraged his good looks and modelled and dabbled in acting. In the process, he came to terms with his Thai heritage, earned a Communications Arts degree from Assumption University and found his calling – VJ-ing for Thailand’s pre-MTV 24-hour music channel, Smile TV, before clinching the most-wanted post of an MTV Asia VJ. Currently based in Singapore where he tapes his MTV show, Utt was in Kuala Lumpur recently to host the grand finals of the MTV Asia third MTV + JVC Sound Education.

Where was your very first modelling job?

I’ve been in the modelling business (in Thailand) for 13 to 14 years now but I still remember my first modelling shoot. It was in Pattaya and I was about 16 years old. It was a fashion shoot for Image magazine and the cover page was to feature this hot celebrity who had just broken up with her celeb boyfriend. She went topless for the shoot. My shoot was a separate shoot but since I was around, I peeped. Well, she didn’t go topless like in Playboy –she just went like this (crosses his arms to cover his chest, and giggles).

Were you spotted like how Naomi Campbell was? Did someone come up to you in a supermarket and say, “You’ve got such beautiful skin, high cheekbones, etc”?

No, actually, I was scouted two years earlier during a visit to Thailand. But I didn’t take up the modelling offers until two years later when I was back in Thailand and wanted to make some money.

So, you were really sent back to Thailand by your parents at the age of 17?

Yes, yes, I was. Really.

With no money in your pocket?

DYeah, yeah! And they planned it out with my relatives ‘coz my relatives took my passport without me knowing. So I had no way of going back whatsoever. Yeah, it was evil. For a year and a half (afterwards), I was brutal to my parents ‘coz I was really pissed at them. I’m much older now and I understand why they did that – they wanted me to get in touch with my roots and understand the whole Asian culture thing. When I was living in the (United) States, I was so Americanised that I was thinking, “When I hit 18, I’m out and I’m gonna focus on my own thing”.

Tell us something about your younger brother Gerald.

He’s my only sibling and he’s 23. He used to host a TV show when he lived in Bangkok for about two or three years. He’s a riot! I don’t know what it is about us two but we were just hyper as kids – I think it’s to do with how we grew up. There was a period when I used to bring him on my shows and, eventually, they wanted us to do a show together. So, we did a show together for six months.

Your dad’s a professor in social science. How much has his work influenced you?

I think my father has influenced me as I’ve gotten older. I write on the side. I am very philosophical. And I read a lot – my dad has a huge library. (Utt’s mum is a psychiatric nurse who, he says, works with troubled teens.)

What’s your favourite book?

The Seat of The Soul by Gary Zukav.

You reportedly have an alter ego to the hot-’n’-happening VJ, we hear?

I do, I do. My Singapore bachelor’s pad is very MTV and fun. But when some of my friends from Singapore came to visit me in Bangkok, they found that my home showed a whole different side of me – very Zen and peaceful. I think I need that balance for myself.

What was the most philosophical moment in your life, a moment that made you think a lot?

Probably the overall process of coming back to Asia. Because, at first, there was a culture shock – of just being thrown back into a culture where “it is not by your right but it is more of force”. And, just the whole process of living in Asia and learning the values and culture.

What’s the best Thai value that you have?

Um ? probably being humble and having gratitude.

And the strongest American value?

Being confident. But you need a balance ‘coz if you’re too confident, then you’re cocky. There’s a fine line, seriously.

How supportive were your parents when you auditioned to be an MTV VJ?

Well, there was that process before I became an MTV VJ when I was hosting and doing odd jobs (at that time, Channel V and MTV had not broken into the Asian markets yet). I didn’t have any tension with my parents. I think the main focus was just ”putting” me in Asia. Whatever I wanted to do, I was on my own. If anything, I think they wanted me to do business or management. But I was so far off from wanting to study business and studied advertising instead at Assumption University. And growing up with MTV in the 80s back home in the States ... well, I think it’s every American boy and girl’s dream to be a VJ.

In earlier interviews, you said that you had originally wanted to be a doctor! What happened?

Yeah, I was already in my first semester of Biology in the States when my parents sent me back to Thailand. They had told me that my grandma was really ill so I paid a visit, only to find out that I didn’t have a ticket back. Of course, eventually, I got my modelling and hosting jobs for about six months after which I finally decided to study in Thailand. But, for some reason, I decided not to continue with the medicine route.

Of all the shows that you’ve hosted, what is your favourite now?

Now, I like (MTV) Screen ‘coz I love movies. It’s really cool to interact with a show where you can present the movies you like. MTV Most Wanted is cool ‘coz you have requests coming in from the kids so it’s actually their show.

What’s your favourite movie?

Kill Bill. It’s the favourite right now.
Which VJ was or is your idol?
Mike Kasem (son of the famous pioneering “Countdown King” DJ and VJ Casey Kasem). I like Mike a lot. He’s really cool.

So, are you seeing anyone right now?

(Breaks out into a grin) I wish I was seeing someone right now. That would really take some stress off me. Really.

Do you have anybody in mind?

Umm ... (sighs), no! (Nervous laughter.)
Come on, no names needed, just a “Yes” or “No”.
No. It’s a one-sided thing, so my answer has to be “No”. I mean, if it is a two-sided thing, then I’d say “Yes”! (more nervous laughter).

You’re blushing!
I am, I am. It’s easy for me to blush. You can peck me on the cheek and I’ll blush!
So, other interviews say that you are a woman’s man....
Okay, I don’t know how that got written ... that’s so funny.
Who’s your ideal woman?
Oh ... I am so in love with Jessica Alba. She gets me through the day. Yeah.


I don’t know, I don’t know. Whenever I know I’m going to have a bad day, I bring along stacks of her magazines. And it’s so funny ‘coz all the producers know. Last month, I was on a 10-day break with my folks in Los Angeles and her new movie was out. Before I went, I told my producers that I would bring her back with me.
But it didn’t happen. Well, this is the one-sided thing I’m talking about.

What would you say to her if she was sitting right next to you now?

I wouldn’t know what to say! I’d probably blush.

What’s in the pipeline after MTV?

Eventually, I plan to work behind the scenes because I’ve had a small production company in Thailand. I’ve put that on hold since I moved to Singapore because I can’t focus on it that much. I will probably relaunch the company. My partners have all gone overseas to study or to travel so I’ll wait till we all get back before deciding for certain what I wanna do.

Taken from: http://www.star-ecentral.com/news/story.asp?file=/2003/12/28/tvnradio/6978354&sec=tvnradio

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April 2002


Interview TBA

Dressed casually in a black tee and jeans, MTV VJ, Greg Uttsada Panichkul, looked much younger than his 29 years, It’s easy to see why so many girls swoon over his boyish good looks.

When did you move to Singapore?

I’ve been based here for about a year now. I made the decision based on whether they (MTV) were going to bring me here. It’s like a mutual thing. But before that I was based in Thailand, and I grew up in the US.

Did you have any reservations about the move?

Not really, because I’ve been in and out of Singapore for the past five o seven years. I didn’t spend a lot of time here, mostly two or three days each time. Life here is different, and it takes a little getting used to. But once you adapt, everything’s fine.

What did you think of our little island before?

I was flying in and out and after a couple of months of doing that, I was pretty used to it. But I didn’t really know the place well because I don’t go out most of the time. So I was thinking if I was going to be based here. I would be pretty bored.

Now that you’ve been here for awhile, how have your perception changed?

After being based here and having my own place group of friends.. just being comfortable and knowing where everything is, Singapore is much bigger than I thought.

What do you like most about Singapore?

It’s a bit small, so every now and then you have to get out. But I like working here ‘cos everything is within a stretch here. People are more disciplined here as well. In Thailand, everything’s in “Thai time” . You have a shoot at 10am. But people show up at 12 noon, or even at 1pm! In Singapore. 10am means 10am.

You’ve hosed your own show on MTV, acted in various films in Oh Carol!. What other opportunities do you think Singapore can offer you?

I’ve gained a lot form working here; first hosting, then being able to cross over to acting so I’m just taking it as it comes. I’m just glad I’ve been offered so many opportunities here.
But one thing I’d never do is sing – I don’t think anybody would want to hear me sing!

You must be having the time of your life breezing in and out of the hottest spots! Tell us where we should go if we want to spot you. We promise not to stalk!

I AM having fun! I’m not really a clubbing person but I do take time to check out the scene. I like Tha ‘Wu Bar. That’s a cool place. It’s small but like R&B and hip-hop and it’s just a good place to get onto the dance floor.

What do you do to chill out then?

I normally chill out here (the MTV pantry) because my work is prety much my life. I’m usually in the studdio andd this is the office pat of what I do. We’ve just moved to our new officea t Atrium@

Orchard and it’s a pretty cool place as can see. We’ve got everything here – there’s even an X-Box, and it’s a place where you can chill with the people you work with.

Most importantly-what do you think of Singaporean girls? What’s the best place to pick girls up

They’re cute! But I haven’t found the perfect place to pick up on girls yet.

Being an MTV VJ, I’m sure you have a lot of good pick up lines….

No, no! It’s actually the opposite! It’s much more difficult for me to pick girls up because everyone pretty much knows me from TV.
They don’t see me for who I am, they see me for who I am on TV so I prefer to pick up from people in an arena where they don’t know who I am.

Do you have a favourie pick up line then?

Er…actually I don’t. I’m usually pretty corny. I’ll probably think of a corny pick up line.

Finally, would you want to stay here permanently?

I wouldn’t mind, and I won’t say no. I could if I wanted to. If Ihad to live and work here. I would.

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Interview by Debbie Yong

MTV VJ, model, host and actor Uttsada Greg Panichkul, more familiarly know as Utt, is a self-confessed “outdoor junkie”. The 30-year-old, California born Thai-Chinese is the host of Incredible Tales on Channel 5.

“Eighty percent of my time is spent working so I seldom have much time when I’m free. But when I do, I’ll definitely head outdoors – it’s where I’m the most content. My favourite sport right now is wakeboarding.

I often go back to my house in Bangkok on weekends, and so far I’ve been back almost every weekend. There are several lakes there which are absolutely beautiful. I especially like one in Pattaya.

Wakeboarding in Thailand is very different from what it is here. In Singapore, you’re attached directly to the back of the motorboat, but in Thailand, they fix you up to a cable that goes around the lake.

It’s also known as cable-skiing and is much easier than wakebording behind a boat.
I need my regular dose of sports to refresh and recharge myself.

If we have to do any shooting near East Coast Park, I’ll usually stay on after that to rent a pair of rollerblades or a bike to go along the beach.

I remember going rollerblading there for three or four hours after a shoot for MTV Most Wanted not so long ago. It was so much fun, but unfortunately there were consequences to be faced the next day: I ached so badly from head to toe that I could hardly walk straight.

I have been rollerblading since I was very young. I remember bringing the equipment to Thailand from the United States when I moved there when I was 16, and everybody wondered what it was.

I don’t spend much time outdoors in Thailand though, as it takes forever to get anywhere, and if I stayed out too long I’d probably suffocate – it’s so polluted there.

My family lives in the States, so when I fly over to visit them yearly, I’ll be out playing some tennis with my younger brother Gerald.

The weather in Singapore is much better, and it’s a lovely feeling to have people come up to me for a chat when I’m blading or cycling.

I’m a very approachable, laid-back and guy-next-door kind of person, so I don’t have a problem with getting recognized in public.

Many people have also noted that I’m most beamy and radiant when I’m on wheels. The secret, really, is that I’m actually a bit of a prankster.

Sometimes when I’m blading past younger girls or boys on their rollerblades and bikes, I’ll give them a light tap on their heads or a push to make them go faster and quickly whizz off before they have time to turn around.

I don’t know if you should write that down though—everyone will now know who thee culprit is, and I won’t be able to do it anymore.”

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Interview Yanni Tan


" I date but there's no-one in my life right now. However,I do want to get married eventually and have kids-maybe three of them. I can't say when it's going to happen though; my motto in life is to just live each day to the fullest and to take each day as it comes." Utt

" I'm absolutely in love with what i'm doing now. Since joining MTV, I've been learning more and more about music and hosting. It's really not easy to be totally natural when you're standing in front of 3,000 people. For the year ahead, I awnt to get better and better in what I do, to give my best." Denise

" Love is intriguing in thesense that it is something everyone is serarching for. It is finding a soul mate, with whom you have a special connection. I don't fall in love easily but, when I do,I'm willing to do some really crazy things, like jump off a bridge, run around naked or something. Utt

" Your family defines true, unconditional love. The love your mother showers you with gives you the knowledge taht there's someone out there meant for you to love too. You'll only find love when that person is able to fit you like a jigsaw." Denise

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2004 February


Translation by: Nijji Kamolpechara

If you know that you're a true Uttie...here are some questions that you should be able to answer...

1. How old do you think Utt is? 21-24 / 25-29 / 30-33

2. What is Utt's ethnic origin? Thai-American / 100%     Thai / Thai - British

3. Is 'Utt' his real nickname? (If you answer yes..then skip     to number 5)

4. What do you think his real nickname is: Art / Greg /     Mike

5. Who came up with the spelling for U-T-T-S-A-D-A with a double 'T'?     Boyd Kosiyabong / Great Grandfather / A monk from a Thai Temple in California

6. Who inspired Utt to become a VJ?   Sonia Cooling / Noi from the band 'Pru' /     Madonna


1. Utt's is 3_something (Eventhough he doesn't look it!!)

2. 100% Thai

3. If you answered 'yes', that means you believe in everything that you hear. If you answered 'no', then you are either guessing, or you know the truth. However, if you answered 'yes' in your mind, but chose 'no', then you are a risk taker!

4. Greg

5. Boyd Kosiyabong

6. Isn't it amazing!!! Noi from the band 'Pru'

Read the original Thai content

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December 2003 - January 2004


by Marie Tan, Female Men's Edition

Lisa Marie Tan questions MTV VJ Utt about life as a celebrity, even if he thinks hes only almost famous.

Uttsada Panichkul is the kind of sweet-faced 28-year-old you want to bring back home to show Mum, if only he could keep his mouth shut.

Once that trap opens, he'sundoubtedly the cheeky talker that most fans know him as; the gregarious, youthful Utt who hosts MTV Bangkok Jam. The one who, if you were brave or drunk enough to use the usual dumb pick-up lies like have I seen you somewere before or (as he claims was used on him before) 'do you want to see what colour undies I'm wearing', would provoke, "Well, I'm not wearing any. So you want to see my willy"

Funny and witty enough, but probably not for your mothor. Especially not one who professes "natural' havits of not talking properly, having a dirty mind and dirty manners, eating my booger, smeling my socks, my armpits and stuff that disgusts the other VJs We can only hope hes joking.

After all, attention-grabbing is only an occupational hazard for one like Utt. And his self-opinion on being cute? Barf, barf and more barf," he defleds on his boyish good looks. think its because I'm camera-happy so I come out looking better in photos and TV than I do in person. With his extensive hosting, modeling and recently, acting roles. it looks like Utt's definitely camera-happy.

Hmmph. Whatever. Still, good looks and fame do come in useful some days, Recalls Utt of his velvet-rope tricks, I tried getting into a club in London by telling them I was a VJ. And it worked I had to show them my ID though. But my friends couldnt get in. so I didnt too in the end.

Of course, back in Bangkok where Utt is based, he doesnt need to flash his ID to get into his favorite party spots, Ministry of Sound and Tapas on Soi 4. Elsewhere, I just go where other people bring me, Utt defends on not being able to name other party faves around the world.

Thankfully, celebrity status does bring some more fruitfUl encounters. The best perk so far was sitting next to Zhang Zi Yi at the MTV Asia Awards, Jackie Chan couldn't make it at the last minute so I took his seat. I got a rush sitting next to little Miss Crouching Tiger. She's real cute and beautiful. Sometimes too, I get out parking tickets in Bangkok when they recognise me. But it doesnt work all the time, Utt says of celebrity limits too.

Other times, there's still advantage in being famous (or almost famous according to Utt). "The cool side is getting free stuff ... a mobile phone clothes .... but it works both ways because, then, you're also a walking advertisement."

Despite the hit that MTV's made out of Utt, he reckons he's not quite Robbie Williams-manic-mobbed statues yet. "Idon't get mobbed. I just get recognised in Bangkok ... I do get the occasional clothes tearing, nipple pinching, crotch grabbing..." says Quite-the-contrary.

And let's take Utt's words with a really huge pinch of salt whe he says, "I was the geek, the moron at school, not the popular kid. I still am! I was really nerdy. It was me and Bill Gates. He into his computer stuff and me, well look at where we are now! Whoa!" We've got a masisive joker here, but we'd tolerate it for those looks. Wouldn't you?

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April 2002

It's been awhile I hope everyone's doing good!. After 6 months I've finally finish "AfterHours" the spinoff to last year's "Chase". It was alot of fun filming this series, it's alot lighter with more laughs! Linda looks hot there's two new cast Max and Joanne Peh, you've probably seen Max on the Mtv airwaves and Joanne she's one of
Mediacorp Singapore's sweethearts. I think you'll see the chemistry once it airs which should be sometime next year.

I'm doing the fourth season of Incredible Tales next month, can you believe it's the fourth
season? It's so cool so many creepy stories out there. And you probably seen more of me
on the mtv airwaves lately.

I've been busy in Singapore so I'll have to go back
to Thailand soon to start on several projects.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving,
X-mas and New Year's around the corner. Yea! Then another year gone by.. Take care

click on pix

Archived journals pix..

Do you want to become a superstar in asia?

UTT: No i'm fine the way I am I think that's an odd term I like to keep it real and take it ez and go with what I feel comfortable with ..as in choices with work and what country's I have the opportunity to work in.

What's your real name?

UTT: It's Uttsada but there's different spellings to it.. UTT is a nickname from
my real name

What's your favorite role?

UTT: Right now would be comedy, i'm in a comedy
drama in Thailand right now and I enjoy it really much

where would you most likely be seen pattaya or bangkok?

UTT: Bangkok that's where I live and where I have little time to be since I'm
always off everywhere.

Do you usually reply on the webboard?

UTT: No I don't usually have time I did post when the site was first re-launch I
update everyone with
my monthly journal

is it true that you're engaged?

UTT: It could be true depending on what you think... 5555

Does UTT have a twin?

UTT: No I don't have a twin I only have one younger brother who sometimes may or may not look like me epending on people's perceptions. I have friends in the biz who I may resemble and might get us mix up as brothers or one another.

Is UTT a mix-blood?

UTT:Yeah I can be all mixed up but I'm not.

Latest works?

UTT:I'm working on (Chon-la-mun wun-ruk) Mixed-up Love with Channel 7 in Thailand we're only 10% into production right now, that and balancing MTV.
And CHASE is airing in Singapore on Channel 5.

Does UTT reply to e-mails?

UTT:I read most to all the e-mail's it takes me too long to answer e-mail's..being busy and all my webmaster's on my case for not answering questions that's why it's being compiled :)

What kind of girls do you like?

UTT:I like asian girls because they're sweet and gentle

What does the tattoo mean?

UTT:It's a hindu tamal ohm that means peace - god is universe I like the meaning!!