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Hello Utties, 

I'm back for the holidays..
i'm in the middle of updating
utt's site. just wanted to let you guy know that you can check out more media clips of UTT on you tube.ccm

have fun and happy holidays to all.

See ya ,



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Q0008 Utt on Friendster!
Hey guys!
Just short and sweet announcement...
if you have a friendster acct, guess what? You can add Utt!
If you don't have any connection to any Uttie on friendster, simply search for Utt on the User
Search: Uttster Panichkul
See ya there, God Bless,
:: 17/04/2004

whoa... dat is so KEWL!! thanks babe!! U RawK...
:: 17/04/2004

anyone can create an account with Utt's photo and say that he is Utt. I looked and found a few
'Utts and gregs in friendster.....
:: 17/04/2004

well... maya has a point. well i don noe.. But i kinda agree wif maya though. ppl might just say
they r UTT...
:: 18/04/2004

Its so scary to see how many profiles with Utt's name and pics on friendster. Just imagine if you
were Utt and then you see yourself there, knowing that someone else is using your name/images.
Spooky!!!! I actually feel kinda bad for him. (well at least there is one positive outlook: it
gives his fans hope and way to express themselves)

But if its really him, then god bless!

Wonder if he knows or has seen them....
:: 20/04/2004

I guess he\'s the real thing
his phots sorta show tt he is the real utt and so are his msgs and stuff. so i kinda think its
geezfran :: 21/04/2004

it is him...
hey guys...sorry for the late reply towards your questions and comments.
I can ure you it is him!! No fakers this time...
Well that's all..
Uhm, btw...if you're wondering which account it is..it's the one with the sleepy pics!!
Take care guys, God Bless.
anina :: 30/04/2004

help me!!
hye guyz,how come i cant find utt's frenster account using search:uttster panichkul,help me
plzzz..wut to fill in,in the first name,last name,email add?help me k..thanx..
:: 01/05/2004

hey guys, uhm...sorries but once again, there's changes with his acct, it's no longer Uttster, but
just Utt panichkul...
so uhm see ya there!!
anina :: 06/05/2004

im worried
are you trying to say that utt does check his frenster account.. is it really really truely him??
cos id befreaking out if its him.. first time i came so close to really talking to him...
:: 12/05/2004

but then right come to think of it i really feel its him because of all the pictures.. i was
thinking only the real utt could have suhc pictures of him.. urmm im wondering who is anina.. are u
sure ur not the one handling his account..
:: 12/05/2004

wake up
i think it is quite obvious that the real Utt wouldn't start up a friendster to interact with his
fans. and if it is the real Utt, u would think his real life fans would be adding the
testimonials..not just fans. right?
wake up people...sorry to burst ur bubble.
boy :: 12/05/2004

you may never know
maybe P'Utt does have a friendster account. The only way you can prove it is... ask that person
who's pretending to be P'Utt or is P'Utt to tell you when will be the next function he will go to
that only P'Utt will know. Or if you can meet him somewhere? I don't know. But that's the only
way you can prove it.

Some celebs do like to chat with their fans when they have time.

Maybe P'Utt get's on friendster because he has some of his friends on there?

I don't know, but that's just my theory.
likkinxcandy :: 13/05/2004

I didn\'t make it for him...
hey guys...
Anina here, I DIDN'T make the friendster account just to let you guys know, but I do know for sure
that it's the real him. he does check the acct...
Also, like likkinxcandy said, "some celebs do like to chat with their fnas when they have
time." - uhm, Utt's way fab coz he had a couple of chats with the Utties about a year ago in
the egroups! So if you want get into the latest info ...log on to yahoogroups and join Utterlicious
kks, btw, don't want to get your hopes up, there hasn't been a chat in quite a while...Utt's
seems pretty busy with all the work he's doing nowadays. Good for him right?!
Well see ya guys, oh yah, and those for you who hasn't added him yet...I think you're outta luck
unless Utt makes himself a second acct...his friendster's all full! Well okies, see ya guys!
God Bless.
anina :: 16/05/2004

utt 2nd account on friendster??
do u guys know what's the email that utt used for his second account????
regina :: 16/05/2004

like duh! he is on friendster! i tok to him aniway thanx to anina! u rox galfren! see ya
:: 12/06/2004

well~! does Utt haf a 2nd acc in Frenster???? i reali wana add him.. when i gt to noe dat his frenster acc is full, i was sooooo sad man!!! hope huever hu knows, pls tell mi!!!! a millon thks~!
Pls???? hahahxx
:: 19/06/2004

i agree with maya
there have been alot of fake celebrities on friendster he may be a false one too
:: 24/06/2004

bout utt on friendster
hi ppl there are 3 accounts stating they are utt which one izzit
Fiona :: 04/07/2004

it\'s Greg Panichkul
Hi there! To everyone who's kinda make Utt as our "IDOL"... hehehe... well, I've kinda
checked several possible names he could use. I've tried GREG PANICHKUL and luckily it worked! he
got some photos of him even in his bedroom. I really don't know, but i this its him, alright. I
really liked his refrigerator pic.. he has lots of mineral waters in it . The only problem
is, its all taken. all the 500 slots capacity has been taken already... huhuhu... I've even tried
to insert myself to it. I hope he could still add me even its impossible. Well, to UTT! GOODLUCK TO
:: 10/07/2004

Hi Utt! Ur so nice and handsome that even me, I can't resist to see u if u r truly an Adonis. God
bless and T.C.
:: 09/10/2004

He's simply HOT! Wut more can i say?
Jojo :: 27/12/2004

dear anina~
so does Utt haf another friendster acct since the 1st one's full? cos i'd real like to add him
:: 26/04/2005

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It's been awhile I hope everyone's doing good!. After 6 months I've finally finish "AfterHours" the spinoff to last year's "Chase". It was alot of fun filming this series, it's alot lighter with more laughs! Linda looks hot there's two new cast Max and Joanne Peh, you've probably seen Max on the Mtv airwaves and Joanne she's one of
Mediacorp Singapore's sweethearts. I think you'll see the chemistry once it airs which should be sometime next year.

I'm doing the fourth season of Incredible Tales next month, can you believe it's the fourth
season? It's so cool so many creepy stories out there. And you probably seen more of me
on the mtv airwaves lately.

I've been busy in Singapore so I'll have to go back
to Thailand soon to start on several projects.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving,
X-mas and New Year's around the corner. Yea! Then another year gone by.. Take care

click on pix

Archived journals pix..

Do you want to become a superstar in asia?

UTT: No i'm fine the way I am I think that's an odd term I like to keep it real and take it ez and go with what I feel comfortable with ..as in choices with work and what country's I have the opportunity to work in.

What's your real name?

UTT: It's Uttsada but there's different spellings to it.. UTT is a nickname from
my real name

What's your favorite role?

UTT: Right now would be comedy, i'm in a comedy
drama in Thailand right now and I enjoy it really much

where would you most likely be seen pattaya or bangkok?

UTT: Bangkok that's where I live and where I have little time to be since I'm
always off everywhere.

Do you usually reply on the webboard?

UTT: No I don't usually have time I did post when the site was first re-launch I
update everyone with
my monthly journal

is it true that you're engaged?

UTT: It could be true depending on what you think... 5555

Does UTT have a twin?

UTT: No I don't have a twin I only have one younger brother who sometimes may or may not look like me epending on people's perceptions. I have friends in the biz who I may resemble and might get us mix up as brothers or one another.

Is UTT a mix-blood?

UTT:Yeah I can be all mixed up but I'm not.

Latest works?

UTT:I'm working on (Chon-la-mun wun-ruk) Mixed-up Love with Channel 7 in Thailand we're only 10% into production right now, that and balancing MTV.
And CHASE is airing in Singapore on Channel 5.

Does UTT reply to e-mails?

UTT:I read most to all the e-mail's it takes me too long to answer e-mail's..being busy and all my webmaster's on my case for not answering questions that's why it's being compiled :)

What kind of girls do you like?

UTT:I like asian girls because they're sweet and gentle

What does the tattoo mean?

UTT:It's a hindu tamal ohm that means peace - god is universe I like the meaning!!