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Hello Utties, 

I'm back for the holidays..
i'm in the middle of updating
utt's site. just wanted to let you guy know that you can check out more media clips of UTT on you tube.ccm

have fun and happy holidays to all.

See ya ,



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Q0028 Utt, your a good brother in law
It gives me great pleasure to call Utt my new brother in law, he is a terrible golfer but we have
our fun.
Catch you soon buddy.

:: 12/07/2004

To Mike!
Do you mean that u went golfing wit UTT! Thats cool! Did u know that i was in his yahoo grp utt
fanclub & i even get 2 MEET HIM! Strange? but good 4 u... hopefully if theres any news about
him, do email me... Thanks ... Its up 2 u BRO....
:: 12/07/2004

Brother in law??
Utt is your BROTHER IN LAW???? is he marry with ur sister or what????
angel :: 13/07/2004

Huh? Brother In Law?!?!?!
What?! Since when did Utt get married? How come no one knew?! Gosh, I'm still a bit
blur...did he actually get MARRIED?! Hmm....
:: 15/07/2004

I don't think Utt is married, maybe that mike guy married someone from his family? Utt's sister
Jules :: 15/07/2004

but he doesn't have a sister..oi oi oi ...hrrrms...Utt's married then? What?! Best Wishes buddy.
:: 16/07/2004

Well... I dont think so...
Well, I think its not that Utt is married. but sure it could be.... But definitely if Utt is to be
married he will surely disclose it to everyone of his fans and even to his employers and managers
because it will definitely cause some changes on his schedules and the way he does in his career.
Basically, I could guess that it his brother who's gonna be married whom the gurl Gerald is
marrying could have a brother. Otherwise , i might be dating someone who have a brother... All on
it, he could joke or prank him of being his Brother-in-law. Well.. I think... Utt, will not just
marry in a blip second and.. walah! his married. But he's said it in lots of his interview that
he's not dating anybody yet and is serious on making way of his career as his priority as of the
moment. Well, I kinda like him as wat he is now as what we see him in the TV and industry.. but
sure.. sooner or later he will marry.... and best of luck for U UTT! and to all of the Fans... i
wanna say HI!
James :: 16/07/2004

hrrms...that's some good explanation...man, tons of chicks are freaking out already...hahaha.
anywhooos, Hiya to you too James!!
anina :: 20/07/2004

gosh...thx for da explanation,james....i was so shocked 2c da title that i nearly
fainted....Freaking out,anina? i dun think so....i think fans would be screaming n crying out of the
hell.....but then,michael, can u intro him to us so that we can hang out together.....agree wif me,
:: 21/07/2004

Well.... basically, we just want our VJ Utt to be out of an gossipmongers. I just think thats it in
my explanation... well i hope i'm right. Anyways, There are things that Utt can't say to
everyone... some of his private life might be restricted. And I hope.. everyone understand that.
Let's just be happy that there's an Utt whom we know, this generation, whom has given us
inspiration and good cause. In whatever he delve in or do. Let's support him. Well, sooner or
later...things will be clearer for us all. Until Utt has spoken... everythings not true.
James :: 22/07/2004

Hi everyone,
I would like to clarify the confusion my post had caused.
Firstly, Utt (Greg), whatever you like to call him, is not married.
My name is Michael Kris, I am married to Utt's sister, his step sister to be exact. So the
confusion about Utt's sibling status has now been answered. I understand Utt has not mentioned his
personal family matter on tv or at interview, but I have talked to him and its nothing he feels
uncomfortable about.
The post was simply put up like the rest to show what a great guy Utt is.
PS. See I told you I will have this cleared up Utt!!..take care buddy.

To all his fans, as Utt would say it in his family, "lets grow old together, it just might be


Michael Kris
:: 22/07/2004

Well, its good to hear from u Michael. A very clear and tru explanation. Many ladies well thank u
soo much! lolz. Well, still Utt Utt! He's the man.
James :: 23/07/2004

wao wao...it really a big misunderstanding indeed!!!
hey, michael if you did not post that Clarification, i bet you are in the papers the next few
days!!!jk...no offence frens!!!
yup james,utt is still the man...but i still think utt has the right to leave out his personal
matters to the public...again no offence!!!peace?
:: 23/07/2004

tx michael!!!
hey michael...tx so much for clearing up that matter... lolz lianni...maybe it'll just make
the front page...anyway i agree with jess or lianni here...he has a right about his personal
info...everybody deserves their own privacy :)
:: 23/07/2004

Utt has a step sister???
i don't know if he has a step sister, but i know that he has a younger brother, Gerald. and i never
heard that his parents were divorced. ~ i know that's private but
anyway thanks for the clarification Mike!
me :: 24/07/2004

haha...that was some crazy stuff. anywhos...Utt is fab.
anina :: 24/07/2004

to those who are still thinking bout it:
it sure some crazy stuff but at least maintain those beautiful hair of yours and not tear them
out!!! hi to everyone too!!!
:: 25/07/2004

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It's been awhile I hope everyone's doing good!. After 6 months I've finally finish "AfterHours" the spinoff to last year's "Chase". It was alot of fun filming this series, it's alot lighter with more laughs! Linda looks hot there's two new cast Max and Joanne Peh, you've probably seen Max on the Mtv airwaves and Joanne she's one of
Mediacorp Singapore's sweethearts. I think you'll see the chemistry once it airs which should be sometime next year.

I'm doing the fourth season of Incredible Tales next month, can you believe it's the fourth
season? It's so cool so many creepy stories out there. And you probably seen more of me
on the mtv airwaves lately.

I've been busy in Singapore so I'll have to go back
to Thailand soon to start on several projects.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving,
X-mas and New Year's around the corner. Yea! Then another year gone by.. Take care

click on pix

Archived journals pix..

Do you want to become a superstar in asia?

UTT: No i'm fine the way I am I think that's an odd term I like to keep it real and take it ez and go with what I feel comfortable with ..as in choices with work and what country's I have the opportunity to work in.

What's your real name?

UTT: It's Uttsada but there's different spellings to it.. UTT is a nickname from
my real name

What's your favorite role?

UTT: Right now would be comedy, i'm in a comedy
drama in Thailand right now and I enjoy it really much

where would you most likely be seen pattaya or bangkok?

UTT: Bangkok that's where I live and where I have little time to be since I'm
always off everywhere.

Do you usually reply on the webboard?

UTT: No I don't usually have time I did post when the site was first re-launch I
update everyone with
my monthly journal

is it true that you're engaged?

UTT: It could be true depending on what you think... 5555

Does UTT have a twin?

UTT: No I don't have a twin I only have one younger brother who sometimes may or may not look like me epending on people's perceptions. I have friends in the biz who I may resemble and might get us mix up as brothers or one another.

Is UTT a mix-blood?

UTT:Yeah I can be all mixed up but I'm not.

Latest works?

UTT:I'm working on (Chon-la-mun wun-ruk) Mixed-up Love with Channel 7 in Thailand we're only 10% into production right now, that and balancing MTV.
And CHASE is airing in Singapore on Channel 5.

Does UTT reply to e-mails?

UTT:I read most to all the e-mail's it takes me too long to answer e-mail's..being busy and all my webmaster's on my case for not answering questions that's why it's being compiled :)

What kind of girls do you like?

UTT:I like asian girls because they're sweet and gentle

What does the tattoo mean?

UTT:It's a hindu tamal ohm that means peace - god is universe I like the meaning!!