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Hello Utties,  

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me. I'm currently working on a few new things to spice up this website for all of you. Since i'm in the making.. if you have any suggestions please feel free to e-mail me. Please put your subject as : utt website.

Btw.. for those of you that did not know. You can post wacky pix or favorite pix of UTT on the webboard and/or e-mail it to him at [email protected]. Who knows..you might be chosen by UTT to be our lucky winner for the month like:

Nora and Hannie

Congratulations to both of you!!!

There are no rules to this. Just post as many pix as many times as you wish on the webboard and you may be the chosen one.

If you have any questions reguarding how to post pictures on to the webboard please feel free to e-mail me and kindly put the subject as: utt pix.

If you have any questions for UTT. Feel free to put it on our webboard as well. I will definately track UTT down to answer them.

See ya ,



For those interested in my girl rock band. Don't forget to check out www.
thevenusbutterflies.com for the updates.

E-mail me at:



Just wrapped up my thai serial so it's now time for a break. Thank you for all the e-mails.. look out for the new thai site that will bee launch within the international site!! If you can't read thai just go in and check out the pix you'll get kicks cuase the site will showcase shoots from way back then.. take care all!!


archived journals...

Do you want to become a superstar in asia?

UTT: No i'm fine the way I am I think that's an odd term I like to keep it real and take it ez and go with what I feel comfortable with ..as in choices with work and what country's I have the opportunity to work in.

What's your real name?

UTT: It's Uttsada but there's different spellings to it.. UTT is a nickname from
my real name

What's your favorite role?

UTT: Right now would be comedy, i'm in a comedy
drama in Thailand right now and I enjoy it really much

where would you most likely be seen pattaya or bangkok?

UTT: Bangkok that's where I live and where I have little time to be since I'm
always off everywhere.

Do you usually reply on the webboard?

UTT: No I don't usually have time I did post when the site was first re-launch I
update everyone with
my monthly journal

is it true that you're engaged?

UTT: It could be true depending on what you think... 5555

Does UTT have a twin?

UTT: No I don't have a twin I only have one younger brother who sometimes may or may not look like me epending on people's perceptions. I have friends in the biz who I may resemble and might get us mix up as brothers or one another.

Is UTT a mix-blood?

UTT:Yeah I can be all mixed up but I'm not.

Latest works?

UTT:I'm working on (Chon-la-mun wun-ruk) Mixed-up Love with Channel 7 in Thailand we're only 10% into production right now, that and balancing MTV.
And CHASE is airing in Singapore on Channel 5.

Does UTT reply to e-mails?

UTT:I read most to all the e-mail's it takes me too long to answer e-mail's..being busy and all my webmaster's on my case for not answering questions that's why it's being compiled :)

What kind of girls do you like?

UTT:I like asian girls because they're sweet and gentle

What does the tattoo mean?

UTT:It's a hindu tamal ohm that means peace - god is universe I like the meaning!!