Name : Uttsada Panichkul (Greg)




Better Known As : Utt
Birth Place : San Fernando, The Valleys
Height : 175 cm
Birthday : 3rd September, 1974
Family : parents, a younger brother (Gerald)
Nationality : USA
Originality : Thai-Chinese-British
Language : English, Thai, some Mandarin
Statistics : B34 W30 H36
Horoscope : Virgo
Education : Assumption University (Thailand)
Bachelor of Arts (major: Advertising)
Hobbies : Collecting comics and reading philosophy books
Favorite Food : Chocolate cake!
Favorite Cartoon : X-Men
Favorite Country : Japan
Favorite Celeb : Jennifer Connelly
Favorite Clothing : Casual
Favorite Sport : Parasailing, water skiing and swimming
Favourite Bands : Linkin Park, Garbage
Uttfiles : Utt owns more than 2000 titles of comics
When he was much younger, Utt use to derive joy from tormenting his younger brother and as revenge, Utt's brother sold off some of his most beloved comics at $2 a pop. What made it worse was that Utt only knew about this almost 10 years later when his brother confessed it while on a trip to see Utt in Thailand.
Utt transferred 3 different high schools during his teenage years. The second and third transfer was made to be closer with his girlfriends at that time. This is something he considers stupid today, as both relationships still did not work out despite the efforts he has placed into it.
Utt is 1/8 British. (maternal great grandfather)