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how'z everyone doin? Been gone for a while because had a break from work, back in work mode now.

For fans in Thailand expect a lakorn (hopefully by year's end) that's all I can say for now.

Gonna plug Nij and her band here on the site, our website designator will be in Singapore by next week to perform with her band and I'll be there to support!

I'll be in the Phillipines for an MTV shoot this weekend anyone have any suggestions here let us know..

gotta go PEaCe

and P.S. Indonesian fans I'll be heading for the MTV INdonesian Awards in
September so see you there!!


hey everyone, been around in 30 days – Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand

shooting MTV Brand New (it’s a show), hope your all doing good

out there. If anyone notice I was away from Mtv for awhile I had a good two

week break.

Theres exciting things in the works this year, will let you know what’s up

Take care all


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Q0007 Uttie in da HoUSe!!!
sawatdee ka..i'm from thailand. i saw utt in old lakon 'keur hatha ...' very long time ago and i
know he would succeed. he is talented actor here. i want to know how you all know him from asia
Gift :: 10/04/2004

hi :)
Well i know UTT from chat.mozcom, i dunno he was an actor then til i moved in Singapore. He seemed
to be a nice guy. Hundsome, talented and well rounded person.
:: 10/04/2004

well.. i noe UTT from MTV..im addicted to mtv cause there s Donita(former vj) n UTT haha. Hey
BukoPie, yer so lucky knowing UTT through some chat..Well, UTT is so talented! He might b breaking
through some parts of asia..He definetly will. All da best. GOD BLESS
:: 10/04/2004

i like went u naked in mtv advertisment. love u
:: 13/04/2004

I know utt thru one of my best fwen. She is like "ohhh utt, utt, utt" I was like...
"who's dat?" lolx. well, true euff... utt is real good lookin' when i saw him at
esplanade doing some thai shots yesterday. realli kool! Prajao way pron kah!
:: 13/04/2004

hmm... i knew utt thru MTV...(i'm addicted!! sorta..haha) anyway... do anyone of you (from
singapore) know where energie (the shop) is located at?
is it in herens?
pixxa :: 16/04/2004

energie shop
its at heeren second floor.. a combined shop with miss sixty.. if u r also lookin for a miss sixty
boutique.. it is located in paragon.. new season clothes.. nice...
geezfran :: 20/04/2004

hmmm.....2 P\' Utt!!
hi!...I had just finish yur lakorn with ploy...kularp len fai..and...i really really enjoy
it...hehe....I"m so jealous of everyone who had met yu already...they are sooooo lucky!!!
hmm...I know that you came 2 New York B4...and i want you to ocme again...oh...and host
TRL!...hmm...well...i'm soo dead wordless...I juss wanna say..Good luck with yur future...and i
know...that you'll be hella rich and famous!!! well...your already...man....I wish i could meet
yu!!!!heehehh....well...who doesn't???...right?.... ..well...if n e wun..have anything
that's recent about P'utt ...would yu plz....e-mail or something?,,,,hehheh...Thanx's
:: 27/04/2004

power to ploy and Utt
hiya...Noi! Uhm, I love that lakorn of his too! Isn't it awesome? Ploy and him look so cute
together!! Uhm about updates about Utt, you can go log on to friendster and add him...and uhm, most
of all log on to yahoogroups of utt, specifically: Utterlicious Greg...
good stuff in there...and the Utties are kewlio.
Uhm, well nice to meet you...ttyl! btw, havent met utt too...coz i live in LA...he was in LA kast
year but didnt get to meet him oh well...
toodles and God Bless!
anina :: 30/04/2004

oh the first time I saw P'Utt was probably from some modeling pictures that my friend had. All I
had to say.. sorry.. but nice boo-d P'Utt
likkinxcandy :: 13/05/2004

donita former vj ??
hmm i know utt from mtv too i was watching donita showing video clips when he suddenly pop out of
nowwhere hahaha i found that he was very cute so i tried to find out more about him so here i am ..
anyway erm Lyn donita is a former vj she not working there anymore izzit ??? i did not know since my
dad cancelled the mtv channel for a long time already
:: 24/06/2004

knowin him..virtually
gosh i got to know tis bloke exist when i was so addicted to a thai singer coz he was hosting this
MTV Bangkok Jam...he was interviewing this thai singer whom i adores n suddenly...whoa...i got stung
by his electrifying smile....oh well, so the story goes from there guys....
:: 27/06/2004

i saw utt for the first time on the magazine, a few years ago. he looked so handsome..that blew my
heart away. at that time, i never seen him on tv yet, i don't even know his name! but i keep his
oh-so-handsome picture and tell all my friends that i have a crush on him. a couple of months after
that, i bought the same magazine. it has a poster of utt. one of my best friends asked me for the
poster. i don't recognize utt on the poster so i gave the poster to my friend. when i found out
that it was the poster of utt, i regret it so much...
:: 09/07/2004

Utt AND kc
I heard that Utt is somewhat attracted to a Filipina whose name is KC Concepcion.THey were seen in a
bar in Phil. with some MTV buddies.
crunch :: 17/09/2004

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Message from Utt

Chicken Rice War




What’s up Utties!! I’m back with more new and exciting things for you to check out.

But before I go into details of what’s up with Utt this month, there’s an important announcement I have to make. There are a lot of questions on whether UTT is registered on friendster or not, and the official UTTmost answer is “NO”! There’s an imposter going around trying to “BE UTT”, So if you run into UTT on friendster, remember that its NOT VALID and that there’s an imposter on the loose so BOO to that!!

Ok, now for some fun news... I know you’ve seen UTTs Pepsi Twist pix, but have you seen the actual commercial? It’s right here, only a click away!

The UTTstanding feature I have for you guys this month is UTTs ShowReel. You can see all sides of UTT – from Mcing to acting and UTT just being UTT. VERY NICE TREAT FOR ALL UTTIES ;)

On a more personal note, for those of you who didn’t know already. I just got back from Singapore!! I have a girl rock band name “Venus Butterfly” that performed at Bay Beats Festival. I was so touched when UTT came out to support my band’s performance. He even surprised my band on stage by introducing us to the audience – WOW! He also took some time out of his busy busy day and took me on a tour at MTV Headquarters. It was sooo exciting!! I’m not kidding, I have proof!! Please don’t forget to check out my pix with him above! (Coming soon!!) Kewl isn’t it?

Ok, ok ok…now I’ll finally leave you alone to scope out this page once more. Don’t forget to start out off by reading UTTs New Journal to you!!

UI’ll post ya later,



For those who e-mailed me about my girl band. Thanx for the support and keep em’ coming!!
Venus Butterfly site will be coming soonJ

E-mail me at: