UTTs top 10

By Pamela Tan

UTT and The Women He Adores

The gorgeous VJ Utt has graced countless magazine covers and is the pin-up boy of many female fans across Southeast Asia. But surely, even he must have been struck by exquisite beauty that rendered him speechless.

Just like a kid in a candy store, Utt was spoilt for choice when asked to come up with the names of 10 famous women he found the most attractive. Of course, without an ounce of hesitation, he named Angelina Jolie -- screen goddess and poster-girl of both men and women alike -- and put her at the top of the list. And mind you, there were no arguments as to who topped the list no matter whose names came up later.

"Angelina just has it," he summed it up simply.

He then went on to list the names of Vanessa Minnillo, an MTV VJ on Total Request Live and a reporter for Entertainment Tonight; oriental hotties Zhang Ziyi, Namie Amuro and Huang Sheng Yi; and stylish chick Mischa Barton, star of American drama The O.C.

Exclaimed an excited Utt: "I've been smitten by Namie for so long, since she first started. I actually met her twice and I even have a picture with her!"

He also revealed that he has "a thing for Asian girls because they're so petite and yet, have this sense of toughness in them," so all you Asian girls reading this, give yourself one brownie point!

Admitting that it was great fun racking his brains thinking of hot women, Utt seemed to have ran out of names after rattling six off the top of his head. Recalling an interview I had read somewhere before, I gently prodded him: "Jessica Alba?"

True enough, he shook his head unbelievably and went: "Oh yeah, Jessica Alba! How could I forget her?" And with that, beach babe Alba, currently seen in the thriller Into The Blue, secured the second spot on his list. "Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Vanessa Minnillo have the same type of look. Their sex appeal is very strong," Utt deadpanned.

As if the words "sex appeal" struck some kind of nerve, he suddenly recalled the shapely Brooke Burke, co-host of Rock Star: INXS. "She's a hot mama!" he said cheekily.

Not content with just ranking the ladies, the mischievous VJ even divided his women of choice into three different categories -- the sexy, the semi-innocent and the oriental.

"Mischa Barton has this semi-innocence in her that is very attractive, the Asian girls are the ones I'll most likely want to have a relationship with while the sexy ones are those I'll like to have fun with," he explained.

Fulfilling his quota of 10 women, he named Smallville star Kristin Kreuk and supermodel Natalia Vodianova who joined Mischa Barton in her category. The insatiable VJ enjoyed talking about the opposite gender so much he was a picture of disappointment when told that the interview was over.

Even Utt can't live without women. Who says that football and booze are all that men need?

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December 2003 - January 2004