Utterly Low-Key

Janine Tan

Don't confuse the Utt you see on MTV Asia with who he is in real life. For one, he doesn't talk as much as he does when hosting music programmes.

The handsome, American-born Thai-Chinese actor is still as friendly and affable as ever, although, considering how gregarious he is as a host, one would expect him to be a lot more candid during interviews.

He is the lead in the new MediaCorp TV Channel 5 romantic drama, Chase, in which wo former schoolmates rediscover each other - and love - as adults.

Given the show's subject matter, curious reporters are bound to ask about his love life, but the 30-year-old gives answers whih are noticeably general.

"My experience is of girls meeting me and liking what they see as the persona on TV, rather than who I really am," said Utt, whose real name is Uttsada Greg Panichkul.

"It comes with the territory. It's a pain, but you can tell who these girls arer. You know who you are as a person, and as a relationship progresses, you would know the other person better."

Ask if he's had any relationships where the chase was more intriguing than the catch itself, he said: "I'm more for the catch than the chase. I'm older now. It's part of growing up. Before, Iwouldn't be committed to any relationship. I just wanted t o get to know people."

He's far more forthcoming when it comes to talking about his role in the show. Utt plays Gabriel, an advertising man who was once a nerdy student rerjected by the love of his life, his far betterr looking and morer popular schoolmate, Ellie, who is played by Taiwanes singer and host Londa Liao.

"I went through that (nerdy) phase too. I relate to Gabriel, that's why I think I'm able to play the role well. But Gabriel is pretty out there. I still have those elements , like being corny, especially when I host. But that's just me"

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