Incredible Tales

Cheryl Tan


Popular MTV host Utt tells us what it’s like to bring us spooky stories in Ch 5’s latest investigative drama, Incredible Tales. And boy, this guy has some stories of his own to make your hair stand.

 Tell us about the show and the part you play in it.
Incredible Tales is a series based on true ghost stories that happened in Singapore and I’m basically the guy that links everything together every week. (the host)

What was it like presenting the stories from those dark locations? Any weird, scary, or funny encounters during filming? I'm used to working late into the night in Thailand shooting my lakorns but what did freak me out a little was when we were shooting in Sime Road. I had no idea that there were so many tombs surrounding us. It didn’t help that my manager kept saying it’s the seventh month, supposedly month of the hungry ghosts, and that she hopes she doesn’t see anything… that made me conscious of everything that was around us too… its quite funny now when I look back at it.

AND on our last day of shoot at Ford factory, I went inside for a look… it felt cold … (the place has no electricity in case you’re thinking air-conditioning…)

Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, why and if no, why not? Yes. I believe that there are definitely spirits around. Why? Cos I’ve actually seen a COUPLE…

Which story in the show freaks you out the most? – Which do you think are true? I give every story in the series the benefit of doubt. In fact most of the stories in Incredible Tales have their own eerie elements…

Have you had any paranormal encounters of your own? Has anything made your hair stand on ends? I was in a hotel at a remote part of Thailand once and saw an old man in the room I was allocated. The hotel promptly gave me a room change… (hmmm I wonder why )

Did the crew do anything special (e.g make offerings, blessings, etc) prior to filming? What did you do to prepare for the show?

I didn’t really extensively prepare for the show as my schedules then were rather punishing juggling MTV, a Thai lakorn and Incredible Tales as well … But the mood really sets in when I get driven to the locations for shooting. Incredible Tales was shot almost completely at night and being in places where paranormal activity did take place for another person readily prepares you for the work you need to do ahead. It’s all good as I’m sure my eyebags added to the darkness and eeriness of the show as well…

What would you say to someone who swears he or she has seen a ghost? At least now you have a scary story to contribute !???
Which is your fave horror movie of all time?
Exorcist. Disturbing.

Tell us a ghost story which you have heard and you think should be on the show. A friend of mine here recounted a story about this family who lives in a condominium central of Singapore. Apparently the mother noticed that every evening, around six-ish, her five-year-old son would open the main door and chat with someone outside. At first she thought maybe its one of the neighbors kids who came around. But one day she noticed that her son was chatting away to no one at the door. That totally freaked her out and she asked her son who was he talking to. The little boy replied that there’s an auntie standing at the door and she wears a funny string around her neck…

What scares you more – scary movies or crazy fans?Hmmm…

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