Contributed by: Debbie X and Koh

When we were considering who to invite to appear on the cover of this edition of FHM Collections, we all agreed that across Asia, there are many celebrities who dress well and act the part. But that alone wasn’t enough. We wanted someone whose individuality was evident not so much in the way they dress, but in their personality and actions. Someone who is multi-faceted, shining, bright like a jewel, but with many intricate details lying beneath the surface, hidden depth in the shadows. We also wanted them to be as sexy as hell. We also realized that Fiona Xie and Utt embodied exactly what we were looking for, but we couldn’t decide between the two of them so we had the good sense to invite them both along…

You’re both very confident on and off screen, what drives you?
Utt: My confidence has been built through years of experience and work. I’m very focused as to where I am and what I want to do.
Fiona: Paradoxically, I would say I’m brazenly secure in my intrinsic insecurities.

This shoot particularly the cover shot my cause controversy.
U: If you want to find wrong in something and cause controversy in everything you do, you can. Everything in life is based on a perspective and opinion. You just need to roll with it if you want to do what you want to do.
F: It doesn’t rankle Those who matter don’t bother and those who bother don’t matter. I’ve long lernt to let go and to focus on the people who truly matter to me, my family and friends, who love so purely, with their hearts, leaving judgment and idle talk out of the entire equation.

Are you fashion victims or style gurus?
U: If there was one thing about myself that would make me resemble a style guru, it would be my hair. I’t’s been so many style styles and colours and , usually, it’s just on the whim of my mood or a reflection of what I’m doing at that certain phase.
F: I’m a cursed clairvoyant, foreseeing fashion as only what my heart desires.

What’s your essential fashion accessory?
U: Shoes and trainers. I’ve got over 30 pairs and it’s what I pay most attention to.
F: An amazing attitude.

What’s your killer outfit and what do you like about it?
U: A simple tee and track pants. ‘cos it’s just plain comfortable. Okay, this is a fashion mag so a formal answer would be my Timothy Everest suit, Paul Smith shirt and Kenneth Cole shoes. Why? Because I look good in it.
F: Every girl’s battle amour , scent, lingerie, heels – a lacy shield against male testosterone. And my Omeg de Ville watch.

What’s been your biggest fashion faux pas?
U: Every now and then, I’ll have trouble coordinating colours. Then there was that period when I wore the MC hammer umbrella pants..that was painful.
F: An artificial attitude.

Do Asian designers deserve more respect?
U: I don’t believe in expecting to be respected; I think your work should speak for itself.
F: Talent shouldn’t be bound by geography or ethics. I hear their cries to be recognized and I applaud the very courage nad that leap of faith to that realization.

Are you suckers of LV and Prada?
U: No, I’m a sucker for Paul Franks’s ‘skull’ trademark, but, as we speak there’s a surge of designers using different variations of it. Which sucks for me, ‘cos it’s just going to be fad.
F: I’m only a suker for SUVs and prata.

If you started your own fashion label, what would you call it?
U: B(oil) S(hit) ‘cos I used to spell bullshit that way. I have a lot of nasty print ideas, but in good taste. I’m thinking of this print – ME – THAI BOY”, embroidered in bling-bling.
F: Deliriousdreams.

'It's kinda like being able to breathe under water' he also commented that 'Underwater World is more beautiful than living on the ground", as he points to the fish that was swimming over him. Finally, what’s next career-wise?
U: Right now, my focus is to grow as a host and actor. I’m taking it one step at a time, being responsible, respecting the people I’m working with. Putting my heart in it and having fun!
F: I’ve go so much to learn and to experience. I’ve to don my wonder woman outfit and work had, slowly savouring life, absorbing the texture of every minute, the tragic comedy that lurks between each second and to cement indelible moments with a contented smile.

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December 2003 - January 2004