November 2001
Utterly Irresistible,
Fastlane Interview, Flirt



We tried, like seasoned journalists, to look nonchalant when we heard that MTV VJ Utt was In town for a couple of days. But when the good people at MTV asked if we were interested in interviewing Utt, we knew what we wanted: Him. In person. And us. In the same room. After all, weve been harbouring schoolgirl crushes on 28year old Thai-Chinese-American Uttsada Panictikul, more particularly known as Utt, ever since we laid eyes on him on MTV's Bangkok Jam.

When not hosting, he acts on local Thai TV, and models on the side as well. "Being a Vjs still the most fun as you can communicate with people, by presenting music and yourself. he says. So familiar a sight is he in his home city of Bangkok, that no one turns heads any more. "They no longer get excited when they see me, ifs now more like, 'Oh it's Utt again", he laughs,

MTV VJs ooze coolness on TV, but in real life Utt's otherwise. "I'm a totally uncool VJ. I burp really loud, I am a sloppy eater, youll always see food outside my plate. Yuo know how when you meet a girl for the first time, you want to give her a good impression. I give the worst impression. Thats not the end of it, Im clumsy and trip over things constanly, he confesses. "I dont go out to impress people. I just be mysell".

Even when it comes to dressing, Utt asserts his idividualism. "Style is every individual's own sense of character and personality. Everyone has it, but i varies from person to person. My personal style is to wear what I feel like wearing. I like naughty tees that have cartoon character in compromising positions. I've got one that has a picture of a d**k with spikes on it, and my other favorite is a yellow tee with porn pictures" he says with a straight face. "I don't wear to shock, I just pull stuff out of my wardrobe! I've worn these tees twice on TV, and only realised it when the production people had to blur out the offensive image for TV," he says. "After the second time, my producer wrote a note to me saying, "Utt, no more port T-shirts for you!"

We at Flirt agreed on the "no more tees" part, which is why we have Utt clad only in jeans (even the jeans were to big and kept slipping down, showing off his very decent white briefs). While waiting for acera lights to be set up, he walks around topless comments about the cold. "Even my nipples are getting hard," he jokes.

Besides innocently causing uproars in his naughty tees, Utt's other passion is cameras. His most recent purchase was a Lomo (a camera which allows you to take four shots of a picutre at the same time), which he immediately whips out for the photo shoot. "I likek taking all sorts of pictures," he says displaying countless Polariod shots of his two dogs and pictures of friends in his diary. "I like camers, but I handle them very badly. I had another Lomo camera, but I dropped that and it's currently under repair. I had a digital camera that I dropped as well, and is also undergoing repair. I'm just a clumsy guy."

Clumsy or not, this currently single guy certainly has got our vote. "I like girls who are not materialistic are themselves, open and funny. But with my shcedule it's hard to have a realationship," he admits. Oh, we know some women who would give it a go...

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