April 2001
DKNY Dating Special,
Her World


The Couple:
MTV VJ Greg Utt Panichkul, 27, and Linda Kham, 24 Applications Support Administrator

The Date:
Dinner at Intermezzo, Raffles Link.

How did it go?

Linda: If I had met Utt in a dub or through friends. I woulcfve definitely, gone out with him. Not only is he cute, hes also fun to be with.

Utt put me at ease with his sell-deprecating sense of humour. I immediately left better when he confessed that fancy restaurants, like the one we were in, made him nervous.

Surprisingly, he was very candid and open about himself~ He told me about bow he ended up in Bangkok. though he was ban, in the States. And how he became an MTV VJ.

We also talked about looking young for our age. I cant believe hes older than I because frankly, I think I look older. He says people are constantly telling him to act his age, but hes just comfortable with the way he is and doesnt care what others think. What a great attitude!

All through dinner he kept hamming it up and making races. He made me laugh so hard that I was close to tearing. He told me funny stories about his earn dating experiences. Once, in his teens, he wanted to impress his date so he brought her to a classy restaurant, but because he was so self-conscious and nervous, he ended up using all the wrong cutlery and embarrassed himself.

By the end of the night we were talking like old friends. I definitely enjoyed this date and am very glad to have met someone as dynamic as Utt.

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Julia Roberts is dynamic because she has a confidence that isnt arrogant.

greg utt panichkul,
27, MTV vj

I am a man of many moods. I can be fun and Iaidback at tines, and serious when the mood strikes me.

the d-factor Dynamism is about confidence and having a sense or character. In my book, Julia Roberts is dynamic because she has a strong character and a kind or confidence that isnt arrogant

forte Being real and grounded I dont let the hype and fame get to me.

crowning glory Becoming an MTV VJ.

time out I sleep, eat and watch movies

my perfect woman is funny. intelligent and honest.

pet peeves Falling sick I hate going to the doctor and taking medIcation!

The Utt file

  • His full name Is really Greg Uttsada Panichkul.
  • He was born on September 3 1974 in Los Angeles, but is currently residing In Bangkok.
  • Ladies, youre in luck this hotties still single.
  • His favourite pastimes are movies, reading and eating; In fact he claims he won't leave home without food of some sort,
  • His childhood ambition was to be a doctor or an MTV VJ which hes achieved since 1998 hosting MTV's Bangkok Jam.
  • He says his greatest ambition is "to be where Im at"
  • U He gets inspiration from "Life, all living things ..."
  • His trademark? One right below my ass ... I guess thats called a birthmark, huh?

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